While most of you were at some form of party dressed up last night, Parnell and I spent time with little baby children watching them attempt to figure out this whole trick or treat thing.

I took Sloane across the street to play mom for a minute and she could not have gotten me better.  She was attempting to hoard all of her Disney princesses in her trick or treat bag pumpkin, so when the neighbor threw in candy, she was not having it. " no." She followed up the candy decline by blowing a kiss every stranger we saw that evening.

I meaaaaaan I was eating this up ok.  Apparently I live for passing out candy as does Jon.  When we ran out, Jon ransacked the kitchen drawers to find gummy treats and additional candy.  When that ran out, he made a sign on the door and then personally went to apologize for the lack of candy to those who chose to ignore the sign and ring the door bell.

SO Dad of him ok.

This is the exact moment when we asked Sloane to "give Beau a hug" and he rejected her.  I'm sorry...I laughed.

Hug success!

Kind of...
It's ok Sloane...this is what it looks like when I hug Parnell.

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