I took a half day this past Friday to go get a marriage license with Parnell.  After raising our right hand and promising that we were not currently married to someone else or related to each other...BOOM.  DONE. I have always heard it is pretty easy to get married and pretty difficult to get divorced. Noted. We decided to try to wrap up our remaining wedding errands (picking up rings and such) with the remainder of our evening.  I tried to tell P that I was getting sick only to receive a "really??? you are exaggerating" face.  By the time we met P's family for dinner I felt full blown ill. 

Normally this would be fine...I mean getting sick is like not something new for me. However, I am getting married in two weeks (better now than then???) and Saturday was my last shower before the big day. 

I woke up feeling like a zombie wreck Saturday morning...but I will say...there is not much good company and a mimosa can't fix. 

Little nugget Luke joined us...not sad about it. 

Two of my fabulous hostesses! Thank you Linds and Boo!

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