The other day when I woke up with a cold, I was feeling all "ugh why now??? right before the wedding???" It's so cute to look back at how I thought that was a big deal...until I chipped my front tooth Monday night. YES ok. 

It all started when I begged Parnell to get all of our Christmas decorations down to begin the process that is putting up and decorating the tree. He obliged (charity) even though he is like Mr. not before Thanksgiving... #scrooge.  I wasted no time and got to work like a little elf with a deadline ok.  Things were moving along beautifully and it was time to add our "branches" to the top of the tree.  I'm sure I am about to offend all 10 of my readers, BUT, I just feel like angels are out.  I prefer a mix of branches/twigs/some shiny/some not at the top of our tree.  You be you and I'll be me. 

I stood on a chair to strategically place said branches at the top of the tree.  I placed one while holding the other in my mouth (REALLY didn't want to have step down and then back up ok).  Upon removal of the one in my mouth, I yelled over to P that part of the branch had gotten stuck in my teeth... "ewww...oh wait...WAIT...that was my tooth..."

I ran to the mirror, NOT showing Parnell and proceeded to google my dentist's phone number and leave a message.  I may have dropped that "wedding" bomb like oh I don't know...3 times?? In a 20 second message? 

I got to work the next morning and stalked the dentist office...surely my favorite little peach Rosemary got there early and heard the phone ringing... "Hello?"


Rosemary worked her magic and got me in at noon yesterday.  My dentist patched me up and sent me on my merry way...after scolding me regarding my coffee stains and then removing of. 

Crisis averted...for now.

We managed to get out after my work event last night to try Stampeded 66.  You literally can't move in that joint without walking into a carb.  I was in my own carbless diet hell ok.

We ordered the deviled eggs's all I could eat.  They ended up being delightful.  They are sprinkled with jalapeno pop #callme.

P got the chicken fried steak...SHOCKER...and I settled on the pot roast minus the goat cheese potatoes which, let's face it, sounded like the coolest part of the entire entree.

Please note, I did not post a picture of my meal because pot roast in a dim lit restaurant and no flash looks...well...terrible. 

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