Parnell and I started off the first leg of our honeymoon in Anguilla.  We chose this destination based on me googling the Viceroy hotel locations and then informing P those were our only destination options (after he ruled out Europe #rude).  

This is us in like Dallas winter clothes straight off the ferry in Anguilla, I was sweating like woah.  We flew into St. Maarten and then headed over by boat. 

Ok y'all have a lot of free time right now? Because I am going to unload my pictures of the resort itself.  Like...this beats Anthropologie for places I would like to permanently live yet do not have the option to do so.

I meaaaaaaaaaaan...NOT gross. 

Buck up because there will be more of this little gem this week.  If you are planning a beach vacation in the future:

1) choose Viceroy Anguilla
2) Invite the Parnells
3) Not into P? Invite me solo style

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