Tuesday night we headed over to Diaz's (after inviting ourselves) for the Victoria's Secret fashion show.  It is semi heartbreaking that we continue to watch year after year knowing it will NEVER get better than this...

Like even if they got JT to perform again (please baby Jesus please) I'm still not sold that it could get better. 

Diaz doesn't have the best cooking track record (you don't), so I was relieved to find a build your own panini station upon my arrival.  I see what she did there... reaaaally stacked the odds in her favor that dinner would be good by removing herself from the situation/cooking. 

I went with a pesto/tomato/cheese/spinach combo that I wasn't sad about. Diaz on the other hand, went dessert for dinner style and made a smore panini...on wheat bread...I can't.

I decided I would go the traditional smore route and make one utilizing the fireplace. I asked Diaz for a roasting stick and she seriously returned with a wire hanger from Mark's closet...

Thank you?

She also got chocolate MORSELS instead of bars.  This is what happens when thin people are in charge of the food ok.  It becomes an afterthought to them instead of the main focus. 

I'm also not sure if Mark and Ash have fallen on hard times or what but the house was chilly con queso. 

I MAY have gone home and fallen asleep attempting to watch The Little Mermaid which I recorded this week.  I was able to finish that gem last night.

Gadgets and gizmos aplenty.

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