In case you can't tell by now, we did a lot of eating on this honeymoon.  I for one completely let myself go.  There was a moment where a muff top developed over my bathing suit and spin class had already taken place that day so there was no decision to be made. #morefood

We went to Bamboo for lunch one day and I ordered the most delicious soft shell crab sammy that I may or may not still have dreams about.  Parnell got...a burger...I can't.

Toward the end of our stay, I asked the front desk after swearing to Parnell that we were missing a restaurant.  I stalked the website long enough that I KNEW we still had one left.  They informed us that just on the other side of the villas (that we were not staying in #wah) there was a beach front restaurant.  Oh em gee y'all.  

I meaaaaan it was basically like a private beach day with our own wait staff...we were the only people there the majority of the day. 

(no seriously...that last part was for you P)

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