Last night, Natalie hosted a few laids at her new home in Dallas.  I always tell Natalie that she is "such a good adult" but I's so true.  Her hosting skills are perfection and somewhat depressing/annoying.  Her house looked like an Anthropologie add, and when she said she was "making cheese biscuits" she like literally got out cheese and grated it and like hand made dough from scratch...ugh.

We decided to do a wine tasting, which is always so much fun (even though I lose every single one I have participated in). Leave it to Jill who is 8 1/2 months pregnant and was sad we were doing something involving wine to WIN.  Typical...

If you only knew what all went into this self timed picture...

In case I forget to tell Parnell, I will use this blog as a platform of communication.  We are hosting the next one P-don't say I never told you.

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