I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Mine was braved in Allen, Texas assisting Wendy with family Christmas shopping.  We also managed to sneak in a showing of White Christmas (my favorite) at The Angelika. 

Everything was all fun and games and smiles and rainbows and Christmas cheer until Sunday night, when the Homeland season finale aired.  

If you didn't watch it...shame on you...and I am about to spoil it. 




I need the worlds of my shows to collide and for the American Horror Story Coven to come work their back to life magic on my main man Brody. 

I literally felt ill...and didn't sleep well.  

In searching for a silver lining...I read that Dana will not return for the 4th season (athankyou) and neither will her annoying mother.  They plan to "dial back" the Brody family story lines. I guess we can look at this as him taking one for the team? UGH

I am going to miss this little ginger tart so much...and pray Carrie names "their" daughter Whitney. 

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