Ok ok...I'll make this my last honeymoon post (most likely a lie).  After spending time in Anguilla we headed back over to St. Maarten to be near the airport to return home.  We stayed at the Westin which was lovely yet not quite as life altering as the Viceroy.  The view from our room was rather un-gross...

We spent some time beach side and found some local restaurants...and by "some" I mean one...where we had dinner twice.  The real gem of St. Maarten in my I was only there for 48 hours opinion however was Pinel Island. We took a short boat ride over and stayed for the day.

The island was clothing optional and there were SEVERAL people that I wish would have reconsidered their decision to go without. I'm talking leathery French breasts that have been around since the 60's ok.  My apologies for that mental image.

We maaaaay have had some trouble making our connecting flight from Miami to Dallas the following day.  The St. Maarten airport takes "island time" a little too seriously.  By the time we landed in Miami, there was no way any of the 36 passengers changing planes were going to make it.  I then made Parnell mad dash  Amazing Race style run through the airport to get to the ticket counter to figure out our next move.  After a lovely stay (sarcasm font) at the Doubletree and $75.00 worth of cheap wine and Jack later, we made it on the 6:50am direct flight back to Dallas.  We managed to unpack, do laundry, and put up our outdoor Christmas lights to boot.  


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