Ummmmmm...sooooo....I'm married.  Weird ok. 
Parnell and I just returned from our moon of honey and I must changed my tune slightly from "I don't do beaches in the winter" to "I don't do beaches other than Anguilla in the winter." It seriously was legit and amazing.  

I will spare you the 551 pictures I snapped (I wish that was a joke) and share a few here and there over the next few days assuming all 3 of you are ok with that. 

I will also share shots from the wedding festivities as they come in (obvi).  All you need to know for now is that it was wonderful...well..we thought.  Hopefully our guests who had to brave 20 mile an hour winds, rain, and a cold front felt the same way??? I won't hold my breath.... Parnell has asked several people "so did you have fun at the wedding?" I mean...really?? Like they are going to tell you no?? It reminds me of when people ask waiters "how is the ____?" Like the waiter is going to tell you its disgusting?? Parnell also does this at every restaurant... should have known.

I will ease y'all into these wedding posts with some rehearsal photos that Wendy kindly snapped so I would have more blogging material.

After the rehearsal, we headed over to Real Ale Brewery, aka the hottest ticket in Blanco, Texas...and I am being completely serious.  Liiiiiiiike no one had to work Friday?? It was PACKED.  I sampled like A beer and confirmed what I have said all along...I do not like beer.  I can't stand the stuff in any form or fashion.  I chose to play more of a spectator role while we hung out.

Much more to come!

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