Each year, we attempt to get the girls together for dinner followed by Christmas light viewing to a soundtrack of our favorite festive tunes.  This year, we headed over to Village Kitchen before light viewing in Highland Park.  Natalie (who just got engaged AHHH) and I arrived at the restaurant first and messed everything up ok.  Apparently there are like several levels to this place and the top level, where we of course got a table is an entirely different restaurant  concept with its own menu.  After much confusion, our waitress let us know that we could order off of either menu...problem solved...or so we thought.  

What ensued over the next hour or so was the most terrible service in the history of terrible service, ending in a verbal battle with our waitress (we won??).  I was trying not to giggle during the entire show down but it was just SO hard.  There were some surprises for who became the most aggressive in an extremely entertaining way.  
Aside from all the drama, my food was delightful.  I ordered off the Village Kitchen menu opposed to the spare sushi restaurant they are trying to make happen on level three. 

Emily, however, went for the fried rice on the other menu and wanted to cry. 

I think this horse wanted to cry as well...that stuffed bear was like...taunting him.  

Katy was such a champ taking the wheel to guide our tour while Pentatonix played on loop. 

We MAY have stopped to pose with some yard decor every few houses and were mostly into mangers.  When the topic of blasphemy was brought up, Rachel put us at ease by reminding us that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." next house was like a real thing ok...
The owner "Clark" was also outside on a ladder like still working on it???

And thennnnn Keleigh posed in the yard...naturally.


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