The other night, Parnell and I went to look for hampers (married life???) and while we did not find any, we did find a new (to us) restaurant.  We had driven by Park Tavern approximately...oh...I don't know... 70 times and never tried it.  Creatures of habit at their best? Well we got CRAZY this week and finally went in. 

I am oh so happy that we did.  I didn't pull an ultimate creep card regarding picture taking (Parnell only lets me do that once in a blue moon and I want to save it) but I did sneak some fat food photos.  

Ok picture is not going to do my order justice, so I feel I have no choice but to elaborate and explain.  I went with the "Foot Long Grilled Cheese"...naturally.  I was picturing some scrawny baguette and this monster came out but like not the kind I get scared of.  It had layers of cheesy goodness, with bacon, roasted red pepper sauce and two fried eggs...YES ok. I can't make this description up. For the record...because I know all three of you are thinking it...NO...I did not eat the entire thing. #cameclose

Aaaaaaand here is Parnell's burger...I don't know why I bother. 

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