Last night, we had the pleasure of meeting one Miss Lucy.  I have been anxiously awaiting her arrival since the day I found out she was in fact...a SHE. The evening turned into somewhat of a party...for a my loser opinion. Parnell and I brought Mi Cocina because...well...apparently that is what we do when people birth children. We may have had a Jack and Coke and a mambo while waiting for the order I DON'T KNOW. 

Per usual, Natalie showed us up and brought Lucy her first set of calling cards...I can't/I had to stage a photo immediately. 

So obsessed with our newest little nugget Lucy.  I can't wait until she enjoys wine and patio weather.


I had a wild and crazy Saturday last weekend with my #1 red headed (slightly) nugget Hicks. 

I mean the ratio of sweet potato in the mouth to outside the mouth was at an ultimate low. 

Erin was such a dear and whipped us up these spinach ricotta pizzas...that we ate as a warm up...before we ordered pizza...I wish I was kidding.  Welcome to our lives. 

Recipe courtesy of Erin and found here.


This past weekend, Anna came back to Dallas from NYC.  We planned a girls night out centered around one thing she missed...Mexican food...obviously. We headed to Mesero Miguel  for margaritas and an obscene amount of chips (for me).

We decided to head across the street to The Dram for AN after dinner drink...which instead turned into several.  Dancing with Sara's crutches MAY have happened at one point...I DON'T KNOW.

Good times kids...good times. 


Did everyone watch the Grammys last night?  I must say I was slightly overwhelmed by all the programming happening on our DVR.  Add the fact that we can only record two shows at a time to our list of first world problems.

I also felt beyond blessed to see my boyfriend Jared Leto/Jordan Catalano at yet another awards show. I am still waiting with bated breath to hear that he and Amilia Clarke are dating in realsies after this situation at the Golden Globes:

If it can't be me...I want it to be her ok.

Moving on to the red carpet...thoughts? I was slightly underwhelmed but loved the following:



Aaaaaaand those were the only ones I liked...seriously. 

In terms of performances, I was again underwhelmed...however, following Taylor Swift's performance, I ran around the house throwing my arms like a gangster yelling "SHE KILLED IT." 

I went to Richardson High comes out from time to time. 


I made this a while back and have the urge to do it again (sorry Parnell-the sprouts will grow on you).  I ser like dream about this dish.  I got the recipe from Trader Joe's (per usual) and literally would like to date the results.

Parnell and I also sadly discovered the best candy bar in the history of the entire exaggeration.

This is DEVASTATING news for my thighs.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


The ultimate charity goes out to Natalie for sending this quiz my way.

According to my answers, I am.....

drum roll.....

Please note:
"You're also always tired, but that's not your fault."

I told you Parnell!

While you are on the site, go ahead and partake in their other won't be sorry.


Last week, I caught the documentary The Price of Gold.  I had been waiting for this with bated breath after keeping up with the 2014 women's Olympic figure skating team drama. I was rather impressed and loved the trip down memory lane.  I even got Parnell to watch...Jack and Coke in hand BUT STILL. 

I came away thinking pretty much the same thing as my ten year old self at the time of the incident..."ewwww Tonya Harding is not as pretty as Nancy."

Some things never change...

I also loved the tidbit pointing out that after the attack, Nancy wore the same outfit to their Olympic warm up.


Tonya came across as a woman still harboring some maj issues.  She also appeared to still be...well...trashy.

TEAM NANCY...still.


Ok ok so I am late to the party on this one...I KNOW.  However, I have recently discovered that Trader Joe's Cookie Butter is the thorn to my rose...the paper to my get the point.  My obsession started with a simple "we should grab that and see what all the fuss is about" and ended with me hiding in the laundry room that evening consuming said butter by the spoonful.

This weekend, I decided to give my relationship with CB a touch of class and like actually use a recipe.  I knew when searching for the perfect recipe that I could not abandon my #1 girl cheesecake.  She had to know how much I still cared about her in this, just like that the search for "cookie butter cheesecake" was born. After searching through the hits, I settled on one with a combo of short cook/prep time and a pretty picture.

I took my finished product to the office to share the goods/save the expanding lower portion of my bod some calories. The plan worked and I rid myself of the cookie butter goodness.  I mean...let's not kid ourselves (myself)...I still have half a jar at home so its going to be an ongoing battle. 


This week we headed over to Abbie's for some wedding crafts.  Maegan is getting married in April and we offered to assist with invitation prep and assembly.  Crafting night turned into a heavy pour night for Whitney ending in late night instagram videos...of the dog...success??

I left at about 11:00 (I told you I was getting cool this year) and skipped the gym so hard the next morning.