After brunching and shopping on Saturday, I was craving a low key evening.  Natalie and I headed over to Bethany's for some wine, pizza, and baby time.  I'm sorry but baby bath time??? SO much more precious than dog bath time. #sorryoliver

After a few glasses of wine we got to talking about Luke eating his feet.  The kid is like obsessed ok and apparently crazy flexible.  We then had a foot in mouth contest (literally) that I am pretty sure I won???

Then we moved on to dressing Luke for bed.  Let me just say that they are making baby pajamas WAY too complicated.  B had to literally supervise and assist me. It was like the most confusing four way stop in who/what limb goes first??

Once the puffin went off to sleep, things got INTENSE with the women's national figure skating championships ok.  We flipped through channels and paused to give it a go.  Within 10 minutes we went from "who is that?" to "GRACIE GOLD FOR THE GOLD".  I mean...she is precious y'all and that name???? If she doesn't win there is no justice in this world...

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