Our first Christmas as a married couple was fabulous...because we were with my family and my traditions were not altered...I kid...I kid. I woke up to a huge surprise...literally.  Parnell and his secret elves had arranged to swoop up a china cabinet that I had fallen in love with and place it in the living room while I slept like an angel baby. 

This is a quick picture I snapped when we were on our way out the door.  I need to play around with the styling but so far I am LOVING the new addition.

P also cooked me breakfast and allowed me to indulge my inner child and watch the Disney parade...ultimate charity. 

After a liiiiiiittle champagne with my breakfast, it was time for a mini nap before heading to my aunt's house. We have a pajama optional Christmas which...obvi I always opt for.  I usually go for a footed one piece but this year I tried to class it up for Parnell.

Ok ok so...this.literally.happened. 
This my friends was the beginning stages of mashed potatoes.  Maybe we all had a few too many signature cocktails before preparing dinner...I DON'T KNOW.
I would have helped with the clean up but someone had to photograph the moment.  I know what you are all wondering...YES...we ate them.  Like we were all going to continue on our merry way without an additional starch/carb...CUTE.

After our mashed potato fail, we subjected Holly's fiance Rob to turkey carving.  We always feed the newbie to the wolves/wolf/my uncle and sit back and watch the lesson to see if they fold under pressure.  Apparently, Parnell's year was a walk in the park for him since he doesn't remember doing it... #heforsuredid


I MAY have eaten my second slice/"to go pie" on the way home in the car...

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