Ok ok so I am late to the party on this one...I KNOW.  However, I have recently discovered that Trader Joe's Cookie Butter is the thorn to my rose...the paper to my get the point.  My obsession started with a simple "we should grab that and see what all the fuss is about" and ended with me hiding in the laundry room that evening consuming said butter by the spoonful.

This weekend, I decided to give my relationship with CB a touch of class and like actually use a recipe.  I knew when searching for the perfect recipe that I could not abandon my #1 girl cheesecake.  She had to know how much I still cared about her in this, just like that the search for "cookie butter cheesecake" was born. After searching through the hits, I settled on one with a combo of short cook/prep time and a pretty picture.

I took my finished product to the office to share the goods/save the expanding lower portion of my bod some calories. The plan worked and I rid myself of the cookie butter goodness.  I mean...let's not kid ourselves (myself)...I still have half a jar at home so its going to be an ongoing battle. 

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