Oh hey kids! 
So this week, Parnell and I are on our "let's be super good and eat at home and cook and be adults" kick.  It started with a fight in the middle of Trader Joe's because neither of us will budge on our eating habits...ahhh true love. I need P to be more adventurous and he needs me to scale it back a bit...we're working on it. We settled on my "famous" bolognese and by "famous" I mean its on the back of the TJ noodles. 

The noodles?????? Call me. Get up in my shopping cart yo.

I was feeling ambitious this week and already made a list for next week based on recipes found using the Google. The key to this list is getting to TJ prior to 5:00pm on a Sunday like we did last week.  Although running into Emily was lovely (shout out), the lack of options left on the shelf was not. 

For instance, we make pizza at home about once a week.  We always have to get the white dough because Parnell is terrified of wheat options in life.  The only dough left on the shelf last Sunday was garlic and herb.  After much debate, I convinced P that g&h was better than no pizza at all...can I get an AMEN?  Well...last night we put the garlic and herb to the test and Parnell declared it "the best pizza you have made yet." 


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