I, like many of you out there made it a priority to catch the Golden Globes last night.  I'll break down my opinions for you based on what I caught between Trader Joe's cheese sticks and pizza...yes ok.  Much to Parnell's dismay, we had the red carpet on and blaring beginning at 5:00pm.  I meannnn am I the only one that was not into the E hosts wardrobe choices?? Anyone?? Hands?? I also need Kelly to get rid of her awkward hair color like yesterday.

My fashion faves however were as follows:

Aaaaaaand that's my there.

Amy and Tina got me good per usual and yes...I am in line to be Jennifer Lawrence's best friend as well.

I now have a few movies on my radar to fit in prior to the Oscars so I can form an opinion on them.  I am like kind of baffled by myself that I have not seen Dallas Buyers Club featuring my one and only...Jordan Catalano. #onthelist

After the globes, I REALLY wanted to watch Girls but TWO episodes??? It was already want too much from me. 

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