Did everyone watch the Grammys last night?  I must say I was slightly overwhelmed by all the programming happening on our DVR.  Add the fact that we can only record two shows at a time to our list of first world problems.

I also felt beyond blessed to see my boyfriend Jared Leto/Jordan Catalano at yet another awards show. I am still waiting with bated breath to hear that he and Amilia Clarke are dating in realsies after this situation at the Golden Globes:

If it can't be me...I want it to be her ok.

Moving on to the red carpet...thoughts? I was slightly underwhelmed but loved the following:



Aaaaaaand those were the only ones I liked...seriously. 

In terms of performances, I was again underwhelmed...however, following Taylor Swift's performance, I ran around the house throwing my arms like a gangster yelling "SHE KILLED IT." 

I went to Richardson High comes out from time to time. 

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