Oh I have a love/hate relationship with you...
Our friends have FINALLY moved past the dressed up, ticket to some hotel party NYE...athankyou. I have been waiting for this day first New Year's Eve ok. 

This year we headed to Clint's ranch in Celina.  The ranch, the company, and the food was all so ungross.  It was the perfect way to ring in the new year. I took like...over 100 pictures so let me pop some of those tarts on this page and let them do the talking. 

Aside from making our share of drinks and dominating Bubbas (BEST move ever), we played a lot of games.  A lot...

During our "dirty catchphrase" game, the clue was something along the lines of "a man who dresses as a woman" to which Lindsay SHOUTED 


So wrong it felt right. 

I will end this post by stating that I was one of the last 4 people awake.

I am already getting so cool in 2014 ok...

Happy New Year kids...I love even numbers so let's do this. 

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