P and I have been dominating the documentary section of Netflix lately.  Tamara had mentioned The Short Game a while ago so when it popped up, we decided to give it a whirl.  I will be the first to admit that I just don't do golf.  Golf CARTS?? Yes.  The game itself?? Snooze. Obviously with this attitude, I was assuming the documentary would do nothing for me but I must say, I loved it.

The featured golfers were adorable, well, aside from one (featured above) who has a rotten/kinda scary attitude for one so small and young. Allan Kournikova (yes brother of Anna) stood out as our favorite and quite the little ham.  I'm pretty sure P wants to grab a glass of apple juice with him after work this week.

I think the key to Allan's success is the fact that he is the only child who is not related by blood to his caddy.  Noted (for when my future young prodigy offspring start winning golf titles and championships).

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