IM ALIVE has been a liiiiiiittle busy.
Yes we rent our house from a landlord.  
Yes, said landlord decided to sell said week.

Welcome to my week...try not to be jealous ok. 

Parnell and I are embarking on what we will "adventure".  We are moving in two weeks to a town home  glorified apartment  until we find THE house. I am that 1% of the human population that complains about moving but secretly loves it.

Garage sales? CHECK
Organizing? CHECK
Planning? CHECK
Throwing things away? CHECK
Buying new things? CHECK

I love it all.  Kind of how I secretly LOVE beef stroganoff but don't tell people because its a disgusting food if you really think about it. 

I promise to find time in the craziness to update you on all things packing...because I know you care....right??? Anyone?


How sad is everyone about the lack of medals for the good ole US of A in women's figure skating last night? When Gracie fell I literally could not breathe...and then poured another glass of wine and felt better.  

Natalie hosted the viewing get together and served my favorite meal...cheese.

Aside from cheese and the most amazing cannoli dip that I would have bathed in, Natalie took it up a notch and busted out her Crunkfest shirt from 2012.  Crunkfest happened to coordinate with the summer Olympics so it became the theme.  Well played Nat...well played. 

Even though I wasn't in to her win (sue me) I must hand over the best dressed award to Yuna Queen.

Gracie gave her a tough run costume wise, however, Yuna had the extra edge (for me) because she covers her skates.


We'll get them next year in four years...


Last Sunday, we tried out Gin Mill for brunch. It is sad to say that I was SWEATING so badly in the 70 degree weather (summer should be fun...).  I may have been the only person 100% satisfied with my order.  I will return, however, it might be alone.

After brunch, the Cowden's had a little outdoor get together at their house...which I had to ditch early due to allergies...again. 

Yes, the babies are beginning to outnumber us.  

This evening I will be watching women's figure skating...the ONLY winter sport I care about.  



This past weekend, Dallas was blessed with the most glorious weather.  I attempted to dabble in it and failed miserably due to allergies...wom wommmm.  My first attempt came Saturday morning at brunch.  I met Erin and Hicks at their house and we walked to Sundown at Granada.  I threw on a top and some jeans while Erin remained in work out attire.  She paid me the sweetest compliment ever by suggesting she was the Ellen and I was the Portia.

After brunch, I headed over to The Rustic to celebrate Danielle's birthday! After missing Kliff Kingsbury, waiting in line foreverrrrr, and not finding parking, a glass of wine before sundown was completely necessary.  

Once inside, we had a great time celebrating!
Yes, our friends brought Girl Scout cookies to the bar.  No, I was not sad about it.


Parnell and I had a super intimate and romantic Valentine's Tony's...with 12 other people <3.  I hope this becomes a new tradition because it was far less cheesy and much more fun than a fancy solo date night.

We left just as a group of youngER girls arrived and placed a bottle of Fireball on the table...taking BYOB to an entirely new level.