How sad is everyone about the lack of medals for the good ole US of A in women's figure skating last night? When Gracie fell I literally could not breathe...and then poured another glass of wine and felt better.  

Natalie hosted the viewing get together and served my favorite meal...cheese.

Aside from cheese and the most amazing cannoli dip that I would have bathed in, Natalie took it up a notch and busted out her Crunkfest shirt from 2012.  Crunkfest happened to coordinate with the summer Olympics so it became the theme.  Well played Nat...well played. 

Even though I wasn't in to her win (sue me) I must hand over the best dressed award to Yuna Queen.

Gracie gave her a tough run costume wise, however, Yuna had the extra edge (for me) because she covers her skates.


We'll get them next year in four years...

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