Prior to the Super Bowl (because we weren't going to get enough food later???) Mitch, Parnell, and I went to Hypnotic Donuts. I heard about this place and heard about this place and saw Instagram after Instagram but had yet to try it...most likely because I don't like donuts all that much?? 

Mitch promised me they had chicken biscuits in addition to their donut selection.  I must say, the chicken biscuit situation is where it's at.  I was going to be all nonchalant about our visit when Mitch looked at me and asked "Are you going to blog about this? You should definitely blog about this...."  and then proceeded to give me tips on what aspects of our meal to capture...like this picture...

and this record player...

I would like to thank Mitch, without whom this post would not have been possible. 

I will absolutely 100% return...maybe this weekend...I DON'T KNOW. 

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