IM ALIVE has been a liiiiiiittle busy.
Yes we rent our house from a landlord.  
Yes, said landlord decided to sell said week.

Welcome to my week...try not to be jealous ok. 

Parnell and I are embarking on what we will "adventure".  We are moving in two weeks to a town home  glorified apartment  until we find THE house. I am that 1% of the human population that complains about moving but secretly loves it.

Garage sales? CHECK
Organizing? CHECK
Planning? CHECK
Throwing things away? CHECK
Buying new things? CHECK

I love it all.  Kind of how I secretly LOVE beef stroganoff but don't tell people because its a disgusting food if you really think about it. 

I promise to find time in the craziness to update you on all things packing...because I know you care....right??? Anyone?

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