How was the weekend kids?  Mine was filled with highs and lows.  On the high end?  We celebrated our friend Michelle's 30th birthday (she was a 6 month pregnant trooper) and hosted a few friends for the Super Bowl (more on that later).  Parnell and I also tried out a new church Sunday with some friends.  Once I got past the dead bird with a twisted neck on the way in (I can't make this up) we really enjoyed ourselves.  

On the low end? 

I woke up Sunday to a call from my mom stating that Chase had to have emergency surgery to have his appendix removed.  Bless.his.heart. 

I also took my car in for routine maintenance and got slapped with an order for 3 new tires.  Like...having to pay for unforeseen car issues is one thing, but then the loaner car situation is completely another.  Now that I have had my loaner for a few days, I literally do not want my car back.  SNEAKY Volvo...SNEAKY.  I see what you did there and it worked.

  Ok so I guess now is the point in this post where I talk about the Super Bowl, because, I guess we need to acknowledge it.  Obviously, we were cheering for the Broncos, being Texas Tech Red Raiders and well...not from Seattle.   We were very quickly let down and turned to food for comfort.  We ordered Bakers Ribs because we were lazy and it proved to be a legit decision.  

Hannah was our youngest guest and  Ahhhh to be two again...

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