I had the lamest weekend ever (in an amazing way).  I fit in some Olympic viewings, babysitting, and then a liiiiiittle bit of Sunday Funday.  Parnell and I met Boo for brunch after church yesterday at the good ole Nodding Donkey. Our waitress offered P an opportunity to join the "Beard I'd Like To Fondle" club for $3.00 Jack...which she then charged him full price for.  I still took a picture...the thought was sweet?

After brunch and a few Jack/mimosas...we went to Sam' purchase dog food...and left with this:


If you need me after work this week...don't bother calling...I'll be cruising the hood on my new set of wheels.  I took this baby for a 100 yard spin in front of the house last night and let me tell you...she corners like she's on rails.  I sadly don't think Oliver is going to work out in regards to my basket capacity but she is still a keeper.

Happy Monday?

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