Last weekend I attended a couple's shower for Maegan and Collin.  The weather was perfection-slightly overcast, cool temps, and no rain. 

The mojitos were magical and I had to cut myself off/let the other guests have a chance to get one.  The craw-fish on the other hand...TERRIFIED ME.   I have had it in dishes at restaurants ok but like seeing them squirm...then go into the pot...then like just stop squirming...I can't.  Not to mention the ratio of effort exerted to meat in your mouth is like...WAY too high.  Our friend John was a dear and prepared a few for Kennedy and myself but needless to say, I popped in line at good ole Taco Bell on the way home. 

This wedding will be here before we know it!  I am so excited for the big day in April! 

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