Last weekend, Parnell and I held our second garage sale.  It is AMAZING the amount of "stuff" we own.  I served as the cashier and only got nervous giving change twice...which I think is a major accomplishment for someone terrified of math making change for 6 hours. That last sentence is going to make my math teacher mother cringe. 

Nearing the end of our sale, Grant called and asked to drop off an armoire...which Parnell told me was an ottoman.  You can imagine my surprise when he and Mitch rolled up with like a full on piece of furniture.  NOT the same thing.

Grant doesn't exactly have the stamina for garage sales.  After about 2 inquiries and an hour of time, he threw out the offer of $20.00 to a nearby couple.  Said couple is not stupid and jumped at the opportunity.  They then had to make a call to "their friend with a truck" in order for said armoire to make it home with them.  Their "friend" was unavailable which turned into a $10.00 delivery fee being added to the $20.00 armoire.  Back in Mitch's truck the furniture went.  

Best deal in town...unless you are Grant.

At the end of the day, we made enough to cover the cost of our movers which was our goal to begin with.  We also rid ourselves of things we no longer needed/ I can purchase more...I kid...not really.

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