Tamara was in town last weekend from Houston and it was SO good to have her back in Dallas (hint hint...move here...thanks).  We met at Village Kitchen for dinner before "going out".  I recommended Village Kitchen based on my last experience there, however, they changed things.  They took the lobster mac and cheese off the menu.  This is fine I guess, however, they have a lobster roll on the menu and a side of mac and cheese on the menu.  HEAVEN FORBID YOU PUT THE TWO TOGETHER.  Tamara asked if this was possible and we got a big fat "no".

I ordered said lobster roll (which was still legit) however, they changed their french fries.  They went from amazing little sticks of wonder to like...normal...wom wom. They did however redeem themselves with the side of brussel sprouts we ordered.  I may return and just get like 3 sides of those and call it a day. 

The only picture I snapped was of my last minute dessert order of "Croissant Donuts" or Village Kitchen's take on the "cronut" without being sued. I mean it definitely was NOT gross, however, I imagine the real deal in NY would just sit on this one and suffocate it.  

After dinner we got CRAZY/had A drink.. We met up with Tam's sister (shout out) and some other friends at The Nodding Donkey.  

Such a fun night!  I suppose it is now my turn to venture out to the capital of terrible hair and humidity, Houston.  Yay?

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