This week, Mr. P and I have been making up for lost time with our favorite foods. We chose to give up burgers and pizza for Lent.  I feel no need to explain who gave up what since I am married to the King of burgers (sadly not Burger King...that would be AMAZING) and the ruler of Burgerland.

We went ladies first style and ordered pizza Monday night (don't mind the piece of foil from one of my two ranch dressing packets).

Oh how I missed you...

Wednesday night, we visited Liberty Burger for Parnell's first burger back.

I meaaaaaan mine was a-okay and I licked my plate, don't get me wrong BUT...I have had better? I'm not sure LB is going down in my book in the favorites column. I will say they KILLED IT in the ranch dressing department and semi redeemed themselves. 

Did everyone run out this week to have what you had given up? Or was that just us?


My ever so clever friend, Sara, had the most adorable 30th birthday party last week centered around the theme "30 Blows."

We met at Dry Bar for blowouts and bubbly before hitting the town for dinner and drinks. 

When given control over the television programming, the birthday girl chose the obvious favorite...

We mayyyyy have ended things at Corner Bar with Boone's Farm races...I don't know. 

Cheers to Sara for making 30 not seem quite so terrible. 


Ugh this wedding y'all...SO amazing, I wish I remembered more of it...

Is it just me...or is getting a picture with the bride and groom like...a MAJOR goal at a wedding?  I relate it to celebrity status.  "Ugh I don't want to bother them but I NEED a picture." "Ugh they look busy...I'll try in a minute." "Ok...I am about to go for it, can you take the picture for me?" "OK HERE GOES NOTHINGGGGGG!"

Orrrrrrr is that just me?

Obvi I took this VERY seriously the other weekend:

Oh and the night ended like this: (in case you were wondering...)

Watch out for that one...


I cannot get over how long it has taken me to blog about Maegan and Collin's oh so wonderful wedding weekend.

 As I put it to Parnell, "I got so cool at their wedding." #directquote

I am talking like, stayed up "late" both nights and made it to the hotel "club" both nights.

Maybe it is something about Horseshoe Bay that gets to me??

Friday night, we got in a little on the late side and met up with everyone after the rehearsal dinner.  We overtook the hotel bar until they begged us to test out the "club".  Said "club" was really just another hotel bar with a disco ball and carpet.  After a few glasses of wine and amazing requests for the 65 year old DJ and his wife, we were in business.


I hope everyone had a very happy Easter!  Mine started with Good Friday off of work (don't mind if I do).  I managed to squeeze in not one, but TWO movies this weekend which is basically a record these days.  I saw Noah alone on Friday *Note: Movies alone...underrated.

I also dragged Parnell to Heaven Is For Real Sunday after church/brunch.  We both really liked it!  I remembered seeing Colton Burpo on Katie Couric's fail of a talk show and found his story/account of his experience super interesting. 

In other exciting news, apparently the Easter Bunny still visits when you are exiting your 30's.  



Last week, I popped in Central Market (per usual) to pick up some smoked Gouda pecan cheese spread, aka the most amazing concoction available at the party dips bar. Upon checking out, the worker next to my lane starts SHOUTING "Ma'am! Ma'am! Miss!" I looked over with the "surely you are not speaking to me" face and was met with a smile and a wave.

"Hi Miss! I used to work at Campania and wanted to say hi.  I hope all is well!"

I am so fat. 

Campania was our go to dinner out/pizza place until it a year ago. I used to claim that I ate there too often but apparently I legitimately ate there too often. 

I keep telling Parnell we need to venture to Southlake and visit their other location.  It is not BYOB like the Dallas location was, so it loses some appeal there but I am still down for the trip..after Lent..when I can eat pizza again. 



Oliver oh Oliver....
My sometimes not so darling little pup...
We have a major grooming issue in our household.  I have not gotten my hair cut since I singed a portion of it at our couples shower. Oliver has had many grooming attempts and zero successes as of late. We had ONE groomer who was able to handle his antics of biting blow dryers, or humans, or brushes, or whatever got near him...and she Oklahoma (road trip???).  We were getting to the point where everywhere we took him, we were asked to come pick him up mid session (seriously) like a bad child from school. 
Parnell did me a solid last week and called his vet's office and found someone who has a way with "temperamental pets".

I took him this past weekend and voila! Great success!


We attended a shower for Courtney and Todd this past weekend.  The weather was not so beautiful...rain, cold, wind, etc.  I made the executive decision to milk maid braid my hair and not even attempt to wear it down.  Upon walking out of the bathroom, Parnell informed me I looked like I was "going to Yugoslavia".  Thank you?

Normally, I am not a fan of watching gifts be opened/opening gifts at showers.  However, Saturday was a different story.  The guys could not have been more sarcastically enthusiastic about towels, grill pans, and serving platters.

It was "YOU ARE SO LUCKYYYYYYYYY" over...and over...and over again.

We consumed literally all the wine and over stayed our welcome... #uberproblems

Lyle spilled so much wine on himself that he had to remove his shirt and wear John's vest home.  It was also his birthday so we will laugh this off and let it slide??