Last week we got together for Chase's birthday.  Due to hectic schedules and weekend plans, we celebrated Sunday evening at none other than Hattie's.  Chase has been picking this restaurant for as long as I can remember for his birthday dinner (not complaining).

I hadn't been in a while (probably since last March???) and I found they had altered the menu slightly while managing  to keep all my go-to orders athankyou.

We may have accidentally popped in Emporium Pies afterwards to find the longest pie line in America.  WHY oh WHY did I not think of the $6.00 per slice of pie in an old house concept?  Genius. 

On the way home I mentioned my parent's comfort with having a second child after an amazing experience the first go round, to which my father, affectionately known as Carebear replied "If at first you don't succeed, try again."

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