So yesterday was not exactly the best starting day ever...
I left the gym still sweating (like my bod temp CANNOT come down once it gets warmer) and proceeded to park in the garage at work, fiddle with my emails while walking as to multitask/avoid small talk, and...fall.  Like wipe out style.
Like on all fours, purse in the middle of the "street", keys a yard ahead of purse style. 
I think the lamest part of the entire scenario is that somewhere in the back of my mind, I felt running after picking myself up was the best run I did.  Literally.  Did not stop for any one. 

I then proceeded to take this knee cap/fat leg with no definition selfie in the restroom:


Aside from my battle wounds, I have been cooking a lot this week.  I snapped a few of my accomplishments to share with you.

I need new recipes like woah-so if you have any (easy only please) send them my way! 

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