Last week, I popped in Central Market (per usual) to pick up some smoked Gouda pecan cheese spread, aka the most amazing concoction available at the party dips bar. Upon checking out, the worker next to my lane starts SHOUTING "Ma'am! Ma'am! Miss!" I looked over with the "surely you are not speaking to me" face and was met with a smile and a wave.

"Hi Miss! I used to work at Campania and wanted to say hi.  I hope all is well!"

I am so fat. 

Campania was our go to dinner out/pizza place until it a year ago. I used to claim that I ate there too often but apparently I legitimately ate there too often. 

I keep telling Parnell we need to venture to Southlake and visit their other location.  It is not BYOB like the Dallas location was, so it loses some appeal there but I am still down for the trip..after Lent..when I can eat pizza again. 


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