This week, Mr. P and I have been making up for lost time with our favorite foods. We chose to give up burgers and pizza for Lent.  I feel no need to explain who gave up what since I am married to the King of burgers (sadly not Burger King...that would be AMAZING) and the ruler of Burgerland.

We went ladies first style and ordered pizza Monday night (don't mind the piece of foil from one of my two ranch dressing packets).

Oh how I missed you...

Wednesday night, we visited Liberty Burger for Parnell's first burger back.

I meaaaaaan mine was a-okay and I licked my plate, don't get me wrong BUT...I have had better? I'm not sure LB is going down in my book in the favorites column. I will say they KILLED IT in the ranch dressing department and semi redeemed themselves. 

Did everyone run out this week to have what you had given up? Or was that just us?

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