We attended a shower for Courtney and Todd this past weekend.  The weather was not so beautiful...rain, cold, wind, etc.  I made the executive decision to milk maid braid my hair and not even attempt to wear it down.  Upon walking out of the bathroom, Parnell informed me I looked like I was "going to Yugoslavia".  Thank you?

Normally, I am not a fan of watching gifts be opened/opening gifts at showers.  However, Saturday was a different story.  The guys could not have been more sarcastically enthusiastic about towels, grill pans, and serving platters.

It was "YOU ARE SO LUCKYYYYYYYYY" over...and over...and over again.

We consumed literally all the wine and over stayed our welcome... #uberproblems

Lyle spilled so much wine on himself that he had to remove his shirt and wear John's vest home.  It was also his birthday so we will laugh this off and let it slide??

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