By now, you know Parnell and I have quite the love of documentaries.  Last night, I came across this article on BuzzFeed.  #42 caught my attention seeing as it was in fact a documentary I had yet to see.  After a minute of Netflix searching, we were in business. 


Just call me waterworks Whitney.  I LOST it. Parnell was literally laughing because he assumed my reaction as the credits rolled was surely a joke. 

If you are in the mood for something other than puppies and rainbows, I highly recommend this documentary and a box of tissues.  Not only was the content (sad yes) but very intriguing, I thought it was well made and easy to follow considering how much information is crammed into a short period of time. Am I the only one who had yet to see this??

The website offers a lot of additional information as well if anyone is interested!


I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!  I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation...right??
We headed out to the lake house with a group of friends and had a blast.  The rain held off and allowed many boat rides and tanning sessions.

We managed to sneak in a hang out session with one Mr. Liam across the lake. 


It was the first time I felt thinner than someone in a swimsuit the entire weekend.

Clayton...aka..."Color Shout" literally led a cheer camp all weekend...who knew??
(we are working on his wrists)

Good times kids...good times.


Lord oh Lord...I honestly don't even know where to begin on these pictures.
Parnell and I hands down surround ourselves with a true cast of characters...

Yes, Parnell did a headstand.
Yes, I did hair flips. 

It's my wedding and I'll hair flip if I want to. 

I hope everyone has a safe and festive Memorial Day Weekend!


We held our cocktail hour among heaters and fire pits in the Biergarten at Vista West Ranch.  Due to the insane weather, we attempted to keep it short and sweet.


Before you scroll through these pictures, you should know one thing about me.  I do not care for at all.  When I love a dress, I search for the black one.  When I paint a wall, I want it beige. When I purchase anything for our home, it better be white.   Needless to say, when we went about wedding planning, I was CONSTANTLY asked "what are your colors?" To which I had to reply, "ummm...none?"  Story of my life. 

One additional tidbit you should know about me:  I have been saying I would have a ranch fountain at my wedding for so long I can't even recall when the urge started.  When my cousin Jay RSVP'ed for the wedding, he, in lamest terms informed me his attendance was dependent on whether or not the ranch fountain was happening. I really wanted him to make the trip for our

This happened...