Ok ok so y'all remember when I ran into my long lost waitress bestie from Campania?  Well, it got my wheels turning as to when I could make the journey to Southlake and visit their location that is still operating.  I had my chance last week when I picked up my brother from DFW following his trip to NY. 

Which-allow me to segue momentarily...

Chase was supposed to land at 12:10pm last Thursday.  If you are located in Dallas, you know this was like the day the world was ending outside.  His connecting flight from Houston was cancelled early on in the day, and he and his traveling crew chose to rent a car for the drive back to Dallas opposed to waiting for flights to open up. Upon picking Chase up after an almost 2 hour drive to the airport in terrible weather traffic, I arrive to a brother who has a dead phone and text me from someone else's phone to pick him up at a portion of the airport that was under construction upon my arrival...wonderful. I then had no option but to drive around the entire terminal until I spotted him..super fun. After convincing him to eat Campania with me, we arrive only to realize that he has no wallet.  We then had the pleasure of returning to DFW and heading to the Enterprise counter to search said rental for his wallet.  After zero luck, and credit card cancellations, I finally got my pizza...and a glass of well deserved wine.

Back to Campania...

Upon walking in, (Chase is my witness), my waitress bestie ran in front of the hostess to welcome me and seat me in her section.


I am literally baffled that we have yet to exchange phone numbers ok. was JUST like old times, aside from the additional $30 on my tab due to this location not being BYOB (tear). 

I shall return...most likely on a Wednesday...because you get a free pizza when you purchase a bottle of wine?? DONE.

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