Yesterday was not exactly my day.  It began with a sick dog in the wee hours of the morning, followed by  cleaning up after said sick dog.  I then made the last minute attempt to be on time for my Pilates class...which led to a 6:00 AM speeding ticket for doing 80 in a 60.  Side note: I was so thin yesterday that I still attended my class. BOOM. 

Yesterday also happened to be our second service project with the "you are not bologne" Bologna Bitches.  There is nothing to turn around a crappy day like a bit of perspective.  We volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House and operated their ice cream and Bingo night. Our adventure began by Emily "practicing" to draw and emptying the entire Bingo game contents across the dining hall floor.

As one of the staff members worded it, "This has happened before don't worry, I mean, that is by far the most widespread I have ever seen the balls, but it has happened."

After making a few babies cry, and finding all Bingo balls, it was time to begin.  We made Emily call the game which in hindsight was not the best choice (you know it).  It appears she has a liiiiittle issue with "G's".  It was all fun and games, "B-4, I-16" then God forbid we got to a high enough number to warrant a "G".  Home girl sounded like a shrieking could not for the life of her hit the octave that "G" required.  At one point, I caught her on her toes trying to push the sound out. 

I mean assuming we are invited back, I would love to volunteer there again.  If they heard Emily as we walked out for the evening, we may be on their black list...

"You know what you could easily do here? Kidnap someone.  They don't check anything, just walk on in with a gallon of Blue Bell."

I swear we are good people? 

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