Before you scroll through these pictures, you should know one thing about me.  I do not care for at all.  When I love a dress, I search for the black one.  When I paint a wall, I want it beige. When I purchase anything for our home, it better be white.   Needless to say, when we went about wedding planning, I was CONSTANTLY asked "what are your colors?" To which I had to reply, "ummm...none?"  Story of my life. 

One additional tidbit you should know about me:  I have been saying I would have a ranch fountain at my wedding for so long I can't even recall when the urge started.  When my cousin Jay RSVP'ed for the wedding, he, in lamest terms informed me his attendance was dependent on whether or not the ranch fountain was happening. I really wanted him to make the trip for our

This happened...

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  1. These pre-wedding invites are really awesome. Want to arrange my younger’s sister’s pre-wedding party at one of NYC wedding venues. There will have delicious buffet table as she wanted to have it. Also will serve best quality wine for it.