Parnell and I are headed to one of my favorite places, to watch my cousin Holly tie the knot.  
Michigan City, Indiana is my happy place and I am oh so selfishly thrilled Holly chose it for her nuptials. I used to visit every summer and then this little thing called adulthood interfered. 

This will be P's first trip!  I hope he loves it as much as I do...and if not...he can stay in Dallas next year when I go back (I kid...not really). 

Another stop on the list of P's firsts, Chicago!  We will spend the last portion of our trip in the Windy City.  At this point in time, our itinerary, composed by moi, consists solely of meals.  

I will be back and blogging our adventures in due time...until not do anything fun or entertaining.


We headed to Henderson Tap House last week to celebrate one of my favorite little tarts, Ashley. The birthday girl mayyyyy have had a little too much fun the evening before but managed to rally and make an appearance at her own party.  Thank you? 

Cheers to 29 (which is rude because I feel like you should be 30 by now).


Last weekend we attended a baby birthday to honor miss Claire turning two.  My sidekick Sloane was in attendance and per usual killed it in the wardrobe department leaving me feeling inadequate and unhappy with my appearance. 

Comparing pedicures...

For some reason, Sloane is more smitten with P than me (beyond annoying).  She was giving him a hug, when Sara asked "Can you give Parnell a kiss?" 

This little chick P swears he was going for the cheek...
Sloane and I discussed the situation like the mature adults that we are and we have moved on. 


Last week, Tamara popped in to Dallas to attend the George Straight concert (along with every other single human being in the city). We managed to sneak in a happy hour (at 8:00 let's just call that drinks) and a lunch date. 

A few of us met at The Blind Butcher to catch up and just drip sweat on each other.  Literally.
I am SO not ready for another Texas summer.

Erin and I had no choice but to grab a Popsicle across the street at the newly opened Steel City Pops.

Because we had not sweat enough that evening, we all met at Klyde Warren Park the next day for lunch.  I literally can't talk about it.  Work clothes and summer temps do not mix.  Please check out this ultimate selfie fail.  Luke was not having it and this kid would NOT get out of our shot. I can't...

Looking forward to our next get together...indoors.


This weekend we celebrated Lindsey and her nugget to be.  It seems like just yesterday that we began planning "way too far in advance" and then just like that the weekend was already here. 
We chose Tillman's Roadhouse in the Bishop Arts District to try out their new brunch menu and like...not host at one of our houses (truth hurts), side note, its not disgusting.

Obviously we ended the morning with table side s'mores.  Some of us had more than one...we are not a wasteful bunch.

I am so excited for baby girl Friesen to make her appearance on the outside of the womb this August! I felt her move this weekend so we are already close.