Last week, Tamara popped in to Dallas to attend the George Straight concert (along with every other single human being in the city). We managed to sneak in a happy hour (at 8:00 let's just call that drinks) and a lunch date. 

A few of us met at The Blind Butcher to catch up and just drip sweat on each other.  Literally.
I am SO not ready for another Texas summer.

Erin and I had no choice but to grab a Popsicle across the street at the newly opened Steel City Pops.

Because we had not sweat enough that evening, we all met at Klyde Warren Park the next day for lunch.  I literally can't talk about it.  Work clothes and summer temps do not mix.  Please check out this ultimate selfie fail.  Luke was not having it and this kid would NOT get out of our shot. I can't...

Looking forward to our next get together...indoors.

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