Once we pulled up to the Gravley's, evidence of the CRUNK:30, 80's theme was apparent.  Per usual, we were greeted with swag, drinks, music, and warm buffalo dip to boot.  We usually congregate near the dip as if we have not eaten in days before becoming social.

We got things started this year with a Cheeto throwing/shower cap/shaving cream game.  The object is to throw said Cheeto on your partner's shower cap that is coated in shaving cream and have it stick.  Discarded Cheetos that did not make it on to partner's heads were eaten from the grass at the end of the afternoon.  I wish I was kidding. 

I MAY have hidden on the hammock long enough to sneak in a little power nap...which I deemed 100% necessary. 


Well...we survived another Crunkfest! 
We eased into things upon our arrival Friday by playing with Luke before he headed off to hang out with his grandparents.

Dogs licking babies...never gets old...

Saturday morning, we headed to Sandy Beach per our usual routine.  This year we were actually locked and loaded on the boat AHEAD of schedule...slow clap for the "mature adults".

Sandy Beach is basically everything I hate in life (lake water, no restrooms, day drinking, trashy folk, etc) yet I always have the best time while we are there.  This year was no exception.
We made fast friends with our "neighbors"...who were all 21 and younger...
At one point, Jill stated to one of the guys in the group, "If you had been at A&M 10 years ago, we totally would have dated." 
(her husband was present and had to admit "the guy was a good looking dude")

From SB, we always head to the Gravley's house down the lake for a themed bash...more to come from that ridiculousness tomorrow...


Crunkfest is officially among us.  

Crunkfest, an affectionate term for Tamara's birthday weekend at the lake, is sure to be rowdy per usual.  I am talking like, pep talk your liver rowdy.  

This year is sure to be no different as Tam turns the big 3-0, or CRUNK:30 if you will...

  Wish this girl with a standing early bed time luck...athankyou.


After our Greek Circle shenanigans, we headed over to stop #2.

CapRock Winery

We pulled into the deserted parking lot and were met with multiple gun shots...seriously.  Thankfully said shots were directed toward the sky and not at our tour group. A dog in the distance was like...retrieving things and a man nearby continued to fire away.  This was the EXACT impression we were striving to give the visiting girls...EXACT.

After our minor disturbance, we verified that the tasting room was in fact open and got to it. 

Sara and I ended up leaving with the surprisingly delightful blend "Knuckle Bump" to.

After wrapping up our tasting, we loaded up the car and hit the road.  As we hit the entrance after a little ways, Mia noticed she was slightly less cramped than on the way there and asked if we forgot someone. 


We turned around to pick up Courtney and enforced a "count off" rule for the remainder of the trip.

Llano Estacado Winery

For none all of you who are planning a trip to Lubbock for wine tasting, we favored Llano Estacado hands down. It also helped that we had the sweetest guy conducting our tasting and putting up with our antics. 

Stubb's BBQ (original)

After working up our wine buzz (we had a DD back off), Sara directed us to the original Stubb's BBQ.  It is no longer an operational restaurant, however, it was the original (says Sara) so...take that Austinites.

Buddy Holly Museum

Ok, so we didn't exactly take a tour was more of a photo op situation.  Like..."leave the car running and all doors open while we hop out" photo op situation.  We were hungry.

Rounding out the tour and saving the best for last was the one and only...

Caprock Cafe

Eating this for lunch then trying to fit in a dress for the wedding was comical.  Let's just say my "back up" became my go to.