Well...we survived another Crunkfest! 
We eased into things upon our arrival Friday by playing with Luke before he headed off to hang out with his grandparents.

Dogs licking babies...never gets old...

Saturday morning, we headed to Sandy Beach per our usual routine.  This year we were actually locked and loaded on the boat AHEAD of schedule...slow clap for the "mature adults".

Sandy Beach is basically everything I hate in life (lake water, no restrooms, day drinking, trashy folk, etc) yet I always have the best time while we are there.  This year was no exception.
We made fast friends with our "neighbors"...who were all 21 and younger...
At one point, Jill stated to one of the guys in the group, "If you had been at A&M 10 years ago, we totally would have dated." 
(her husband was present and had to admit "the guy was a good looking dude")

From SB, we always head to the Gravley's house down the lake for a themed bash...more to come from that ridiculousness tomorrow...

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