We ventured back to our Alma Mater, Texas Tech University this past weekend for a wedding. It was so lovely to be in Lubbock on a non game weekend.  Don't get me wrong, I love football season, but there is something to be said for no lines, no crowds, and no waiting.  Aside from those points, Kliff Kingsbury is the best part of Tech football and we ran into him in the lobby of our that off. 

Parnell and I did a lot of eating, sightseeing, and reminiscing about the "glory days".

This was our view from the newly built Overton Hotel, which my parents would have dated back in the day for Parent's Weekend.

This was my house in Tech Terrace, what used to be prime real estate for students.  I must say, all the houses were looking...sad.  Apparently all these new tarts live in the rapidly growing apartment complexes closer to campus. 

Here is the house on our last day in Lubbock a "few" years ago (tear).

We managed to consume all of our high calorie favorites thanks to my food itinerary formulated months in advance...sue me.  This included but was not limited to Spanky's fried cheese.  You have not lived until you try them.  LITERALLY.

The actual wedding took place at the stadium much to the delight of all TTU alums in attendance. 

I will be back tomorrow to dish on the girls Tour de Lubbock guided by the one and only Sara. It was one of my favorite days in recent memory...and I like JUST got married ok. 

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