I recently finished Emily Giffin's new book The One and Only. I grabbed it on a whim at the Chicago airport en route back to Dallas last week.  I ended up sleeping for the vast majority of our flight (per usual) and did not get much reading done.  The following evening, I made a big enough dent that I was HOOKED.  I made the executive decision to stay up super late reading and skip the gym.  Best decision I made all week.

If you haven't already read it, I suggest you If this does not get swooped up for a movie, I will LOSE IT. 

If you have already read, or started, feel free to play along in my casting game:

Disclaimer: If you disagree, close your eyes and envision someone else.

Coach Carr:
Jason Patric

You had me at Speed 2: Cruise Control

Mrs. Carr:
Joely Richardson

Ryan James:
Colin Egglesfield 

Note: this was my vote for Christian Grey...but like...Hollywood did not listen. 

Shea Rigsby:
This one was away (I like them both).
Kate Mara

Allison Williams

Malin Akerman 

So there you have it-my vote for characters/who I envisioned while reading the book. 

If you follow Emily Giffin on social media, you will note that she and Colin Egglesfield are buddies...and he is dating Malin...JUST SAYING.

Speaking of movie adaptations of books I enjoyed...who is excited to see Gone Girl?? I will be waiting with bated breath until OCTOBER.

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