Last Saturday, Sara took all the girls in town for the wedding under her wing and introduced them to Lubbock. 

We began the day with breakfast burritos in true any city in Texas Lubbock fashion.

We then headed over to the first stop on our tour...

Greek Circle

Texas girls love a good sorority situation.  We love them while currently members and remain loyal long after leaving them.  Our car consisted of Kappas (I'm biased), Pi Phis, and a Chi O.  The Pi Phis were unable to pose in front of the lodge because they are currently constructing their new, huge, and majorly improved lodge that I literally cannot discuss without a tiny hint of resentment in my voice.

Our common bond is that we all ended up with Texas Tech FIJIS.  There was zero option but to pose in front of their lodge and send the boys a picture.  It is NOT our fault that they left their front door unlocked and we HAPPENED to turn the knob.  NOT our problem. 

After approximately 4 minutes of utter chaos, we jumped back in the car full of adrenaline and a maj case of the giggles to head to the next portion of our tour which involved wine.  Imagine if the order of events had been THEN unlocked time?

Coming up...Part 2.

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