While in San Antonio, we took advantage of our prime location on the River Walk and had a bit of a girls night out if you 4:45pm. We started with Mexican food (obviously) and ended with a selfie session at The Alamo.  We regrouped at the condo (with champagne) and ended up night capping over pizza and wine river side...oops.

I had to feature Allison's oh so important purchase of Mexican Jumping Beans.

I can't wait to recreate this trip!  SO much fun with a few of my absolute favorites.


This past Saturday, I met Lilah Ann and she completely stole my heart.  Lindsey was such a trooper and let us just literally veg at her house ALL DAY...with a two week old. I managed to snap a million few pictures between a Sex and the City marathon and lots of catching up/birth stories that terrified me/etc.

I miss her SO much already and it has been...4 days...


Did everyone watch the Emmys? I thought they were overall entertaining and I was very excited to see Breaking Bad take home some major wins! I loved SO many dresses which made the E! coverage that much more exciting.  Here are a few of my favorites: 

In other TV news, True Blood sadly ended Sunday evening and aired their last episode...EVER. I had high hopes for this one and was left extremely disappointed.  It was SUCH a snooze fest.  Don't get me wrong, I loved how they worked Hoyt back into the story line looking better than ever, but overall it was too...nice?  I expected them to really throw a wrench in things and they didn't. Lindsey's text to me with 10 minutes remaining summed up our feelings nicely, "I wish I was asleep."

Also, are people still watching The Leftovers? Anyone? Just me? 
I loved last week's episode and am so sad we have already reached the time for their season finale. This one has me completely hooked.  I am hoping the same goes for others, so the know...gets renewed repeatedly.


Last night, Parnell and I FINALLY headed over to John's place for dinner...mind you John lives 300 yards away and has for the past 6 months. 
Friend fail. 

I would be lying if I didn't mention my additional level of excitement to see his fiance Kennedy and the sparkler he just slapped on her left hand (it is beyond rude).

I ended up eating so much it was awkward.  Parnell and I have major hosting shoes to fill when we return the invitation.  I shall Google recipes

Today I am off to the land of San Antonio for what is sure to be the most amazing weekend.  I will be with my favorites as we meet the newly hatched Miss Lilah Ann.  I can NOT wait to squish this little nugget!

Do you die???


I'm here, I'm here! I know...I have been bad...REALLY bad.  I promise I am back.
The sad thing is, I don't have a cool excuse for my lack of blogging.  Its not like I have been on an amazing vacation or anything.  Mostly just a little Shark Week here and there on my couch.

Last night, Erin was a dear and had us over for dinner, which was also an opportunity to see Mr. Hicks Price and squeeze him. 

She made AMAZING spaghetti squash bowls that I could not get enough of. She has inspired me to get one of those utensils to make spaghetti out of vegetables.  We will see how long this inspiration lasts...


Dallas Restaurant Week is upon us kids.  They went ahead and extended it this year to a total of three weeks...which semi defeats the name/purpose...but whatever.  Time to bust out the stretchy outfits and get to work. 
My first encounter was Wednesday night (showing restraint this year ok) with Chase at Hibiscus, to which I had actually never been.

I typically date appetizers so when I love one, it comes as no surprise.  Y'all...this was different...this burrata...we are in an exclusive relationship. I can't wait to see him again.

We ordered the scallops and filet and had a little of both...not sad about it.

"Ice Box" Pie concluded the meal.  It was like Mr. Oreo and Miss Butterfinger had a baby which was placed in ice cream and drizzled with caramel and fudge.

Tonight we are headed to our next stop for Restaurant Week, Capital Grille...always a favorite.

Happy Weekend!


Last weekend, I attended a golf themed shower to celebrate my sister in law's soon to be little one.   Miss Maggie Grace will join us in November...or DecemberISH.


I commissioned Natalie (of Blanche Bakes) for the cookies I brought.  I am in a full on relationship with her sugar cookies.  I talked about them and talked about them to my mother, who also attended the shower, and she agreed hands down (along with everyone else): "Sugar cookies that look precious rarely taste amazing as well." My mom and I basically split 1 dozen and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc...true story.

Natalie MAY have brought extra cookies to work this week and I MAY have had them for breakfast...after not making it to spin class.


Ok so last week, while perusing Daily Mail (per usual), I came across the trailer for the upcoming movie "Before I Go To Sleep" starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth (hey Mr. Darcy hey) based on the best selling novel.  The trailer intrigued me and I had until September to read the book and get prepared. 

After a click of the mouse on good ole Amazon with the use of Prime (dating it), I had the book in my hands by Friday. Side note-I do not do reading tablets.  I value skin to page contact and a dog ear now and then. 

Moving on.

Little did I know that I would not need until September to leisurely read the book.  I needed approximately 72 hours and no plans. 


Parnell asked "Why do you buy books if you are just going to finish them right away?" Direct quote. 

I completely recommend this book to anyone and everyone, unless you read it and hate it and then I do not think this book is for you. It was very Gone Girl(ish) only a higher reading level...I would like to think...


This past weekend, I attended Kayla's 30th birthday bash luau.  The beginning stages of the party buzz included a roasted real one.  I mean don't get me wrong, I have consumed bacon, however, I prefer to not witness how my meal came to be.  

Turns out there ended up being a whole pig present after the form of this cute little dude who tasted like pure sugar delight. I thought red velvet would have been so fitting a la Steel Magnolias but alas, the hostesses kept it classy(ish) and went with white cake.

After devoting a weeks worth of calories to Mai Tai's in a plastic coconut cup, it was time for me to head home and call it a day...with pizza...per usual.

Happy 30th Kayla!  I am hot on the heels of all you 30 year olds...tear.