Ok so last week, while perusing Daily Mail (per usual), I came across the trailer for the upcoming movie "Before I Go To Sleep" starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth (hey Mr. Darcy hey) based on the best selling novel.  The trailer intrigued me and I had until September to read the book and get prepared. 

After a click of the mouse on good ole Amazon with the use of Prime (dating it), I had the book in my hands by Friday. Side note-I do not do reading tablets.  I value skin to page contact and a dog ear now and then. 

Moving on.

Little did I know that I would not need until September to leisurely read the book.  I needed approximately 72 hours and no plans. 


Parnell asked "Why do you buy books if you are just going to finish them right away?" Direct quote. 

I completely recommend this book to anyone and everyone, unless you read it and hate it and then I do not think this book is for you. It was very Gone Girl(ish) only a higher reading level...I would like to think...

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