To say yesterday was a difficult day in the Parnell household would be an understatement. I always use this blog as a platform to boast of my calories consumed (stop bragging about it already Whitney), however, today is devoted to one Mr. Khaki Parnell.

Khaki went on to the rawhide bone gates in the sky yesterday afternoon.  Can you do me a favor today?  If you have a spare minute...which you are reading this recreational blog...
Can you lift up P in your thoughts today as we grow accustomed to our new "normal"? 

I would like to give "Khak" a big ole thank you for his years of devotion to Parnell.  He literally served as man's best friend for the last twelve and a half years.  Our heart's are breaking to say the least...I never want to see my husband this sad ever again. 

Rest in peace Bubba...

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras


Is this literally the year of the girl?  The ratio of boy babies to girl babies this year among our friends is like...non existent. As someone who is not ashamed to admit my preference of the female sex for future children, I need it to stop immediately.  

Jon and Jenn hosted a gender reveal Sunday evening so we could all find out what they are expecting in February...and low and behold (I can't...) they are having a little GIRL!

I swear deep down I am thrilled for them.

I look forward to squeezing the Ackerman nugget in February!


We celebrated Emily's 31st with a girls brunch at Tillman's Roadhouse

I wasn't the best at photographing the moment due to my obsession with one Mr. Liam who was seated next to me (by choice force).  I could NOT get enough of this puffin.

We made sure to get several orders (which was still not enough in my opinion) of the Truffled Tator Tots.  Y'all...I can't get enough of these little pockets of fried delight.

In addition to Liam, Sloane (who had a better outfit than all of us) and Boone joined our crew.  

Babies who brunch...


The remainder of my evening last Saturday was spent in the company of my Aggie friends.  Although they are a good time, yes, the main reason I stuck around was to finish off Natalie's cookies...sue me.

In keeping with the theme that is our life/friends these days...babies were...everywhere. Babies on babies on babies. I even changed a diaper ok.

Oh and in other news...something MAJOR happened this week...

I would like to thank those who have pledged to tell me that I look pretty while pale.


First and foremost...happy first day of Fall! 
People that live in Texas and "love" Summer baffle me...or they are lying. I am geared up to use the slow cooker this week as I dive into the return of fall TV and cooler temperatures.  I also picked up these Fall(ish) beauties at Trader Joe's over the weekend:

Oh and did anyone else know this existed???

 I did not purchase any...YET. Slow clap for my (th)inner strength. 

In addition to grocery shopping and an abundance of cleaning, Parnell and I were all over the place this weekend.  Between birthdays, gender reveals, and football watching, we had a packed itinerary.

I started my Friday evening with the A&M crew at the Williamson household. 

From there, I headed over to the Sundown at Granada rooftop for Abbie's 30th birthday which had the oh so clever theme "30 is the new black". I am SO mad at myself for not capturing some of the AMAZING costumes that were present. It also gave me the shakes for OITNB season can come out anytime now...

I'll be back tomorrow to share my day turned evening with the Aggies and their incredibly boring game dominating the SMU Mustangs.


So I didn't exactly hold out for the true start to fall on September 23rd. I may have already slipped in a pumpkin spice latte along with Lincoln Park After Dark nails. 

This week, while it has constantly been about to rain in Dallas, yet NOT raining, Parnell and I have kept the thermostat on 66.  Cool air paired with gloomy skies and a faux fur blanket have me convinced it truly is fall. Oh and I purchased baby pumpkins so there is that....

Bless my awkward heart in the reflection.

Next week, I plan on brushing the cobwebs off of our slow cooker and putting it to use.  Someone point me in the direction of solid recipes...that don't involve time...or more than like...4 ingredients. 


I was able to attend a couples shower for Maddox and his bride to be Natalie last weekend at East Hampton Sandwich Co.  We sipped signature drinks and washed them down with mini lobster rolls...not sad about it. 

I am looking forward to the Womble's nuptials this November in Fort Worth! Cheers!


Last weekend, I headed over to The Hyatt for the Heart Walk with my coworkers.  The 58 degree weather was EVERYTHING (even if it only lasted one day).

We started the morning with a much needed coffee pit stop.  I got nervous and ordered my usual instead of branching out with their Snicker doodle latte, a decision I am still regretting. We then headed up Reunion Tower via their newly lit elevators...which was slightly aggressive on the eyes at 6:00 am but produced this fun picture.

Hearts...get it?

Jaran brought her sweet little puffin Caroline Grace to entertain us.

That face! Do you die?

Pinkies up ladies... pinkies up.


I managed to snap a few precious photos the other day during some pool time with Hicks and Sloane (along with their mamas of course). I would be lying if I didn't mention my hope that this was my last 2014 appearance in a bikini ok. 

Erin, per usual, is the most amazing hostess and had a full spread for us including multiple versions of chicken salad...girl after my own heart.  

This hug was completely unprompted and completely adorable. 

Then Hicks got a little handsy...

I don't know about y'all, but I am ready for all things fall.  I REFUSE to get my first PSL (pumpkin spice latte) until we get a little cooler around here.  When that day comes, my nails will be black and I will be in the Starbucks drive through.